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Software Testing

Getme Software Technologies have Professional software testers Team.

        Different Quality Assurance tasks may require different skills and qualifications. At GetMe Software Technologies we have a range of experienced testers and can provide uniquely qualified specialists for critical tasks and assign cheaper resources for simpler ones, thus, reducing your QA costs.

Competent QA analysts:
        Our QA analysts are responsible for creating a winning strategy and technology combination for each project. Their competencies include:

  Conducting an in-depth project feasibility study
  Elaborating a detailed plan of testing activities
  Developing a sound testing model
  Designing tests scenarios
  Choosing the appropriate testing tools
We help internet-facing products and solutions to stand the competition

        Testing a web application is a complex task which requires a holistic professional approach. Our Expertise in web application testing ensures defects minimization and helps avoid expensive post-production bug-fixing and repeating patches.

Web application testing package:
        We know how to successfully overcome the specific challenges of web application testing and assemble a comprehensive testing mix for every application:

Functional testing: At GetMe Software Technologies we offer manual, semi-automated and automated functional testing services to ensure that both front-end and back-end components of your application work properly and as initially designed.

GUI testing:Combined with cross-browser testing are aimed at eliminating web application layout defects. Our seasoned testers will check your web application for compatibility with Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox and other browsers to ensure its flawless behavior regardless of the browser type or version.

Usability testing: Efficiently supplements GUI tests. It is aimed at revealing usability defects and inconsistencies that might confuse users. We make sure that your web application is user-friendly and its navigation is simple.

Load/stress testing: Aims to allow your web application to sustain greater loads and stress conditions. We reveal bottlenecks and breaking points in your web application assess current and planned data and user loads and tune the software and hardware components.

Our testing services are complemented by defect validation and regression testing. At this stage we verify that all detected bugs were fixed, no new bugs appeared and that application modules and components interact seamlessly.

How we handle different types of web apps:
        We deliver a comprehensive, scalable and cost-effective Quality Assurance services for a web application of various size and complexity level:

Simple web applications:
        Web-sites, e-carts, simple web-services etc.

We select and run a set of best-practice tests and provide you with access to the appropriate bug tracking tool. Our wide experience in web application testing allows us to deliver excellent results with reduced costs and timelines.

Complex web applications:
        Web portals, web 2.0 featured applications, social networking and data streaming solutions, auctions, marketplaces etc.

As these web applications feature extended functionality and may require functioning in tough operating environment, GetMe Software Technologies engages its experienced analysts to plan testing activities and underlying business scenarios. We integrate our activities with your development and QA processes to ensure smooth reporting, defect fixing and validation.

Advanced web applications:
        Pure web innovations and products, solutions with sophisticated math algorithms or involving semantic analysis. These can be search engines, trading and brokerage software, payment processing solutions, etc.

        For such projects we provide an in-depth QA analysis, careful project planning and fine-tuned management & coordination. We are able to develop unique testing models and scenarios to deliver exceptional results for the most sophisticated web applications. If a solution requires third-party certification, we offer our customers to take advantage of our pre-certification QA services.

Why choose us for web application QA?
Flexible Engagement Models:
        We propose a variety of engagement models, each of them ensuring top quality software and costs optimization. Depending on project requirements we are able to offer Fixed Price, Time & Material or Dedicated Team models.

        We elaborate a detailed analysis and methodology program to ensure that it completely corresponds to your requirements and offers maximum benefits in terms of productivity and cost savings.

Web application testing automation:
        We believe in delivering a top quality service, without making it cost a fortune and offer testing automation as an independent service or as a part of a web application testing suite at GetMe Software Technologies.

        Start working with GetMe Software Technologies is very simple. To get in touch feel free to use Contact Us form. Your request will be processed as early as possible.