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Technology Partner Program

     The Technology Partner Program is GetMe Software’s community of collaborative developers, suppliers, and integrators committed to transforming leading-edge technologies into globally available, application-specific business solutions. By bringing together companies spanning a variety of technologies, applications and areas of market expertise, we are creating a simplified total solution that enables our customers to get to market faster.

Value Added Partners

     Value Added Partners are a select group of resellers who have a maintained business and transactional relationship with GetMe Software authorized local distributors. Value Added Partners are partners who have sustained interest to deal in GetMe Software sale the products.

     To qualify for this category, an active VAR should have at least an average of five (5) transactions with the distributor in one quarter. Value Added Partners will enjoy exclusive privileges that an ordinary reseller does not enjoy.

Reseller Partner

      Reseller Partners Offering one or more areas of expertise in GetMe Software when addressing IT challenges for our mutual customers, these partners have either a sales or technical-led go-to-market approach. Partners looking to earn at a higher level in the program and gain access to increased benefits must complete the requirements listed in the program guidelines.