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Why Partner With Us

     At GetMe Software we value our Business Partners & Channel Partners and see them as a real asset to our business. Our aim is to help Channel Partners grow and we achieve this by working closely with you to realize your business goals.

      We have been working with Channel Partners for over couple years and in that time we have developed an in depth knowledge of the marketplace. This knowledge, together with our commitment to service, enables us to provide solutions which you can confidently offer to your customers to meet their expectations and requirements.

     GetMe Software Channel Strategy is all about building a new way of working with Business Partner & Channel Partners who are able to work with us to develop value added services to unlock the opportunities in the IT services market to address the 10-500 connected end user market.

In partnership with GetMe Software, we can offer:


The Journey

     GetMe Software Channel Partner relationships are based on more than just sales transactions. Our successful partners are those who have agreed to work with us to develop a mutual journey towards achieving our partners’ business goals.

     Our Channel Partner Managers can work with you to help define the direction and routes your GetMe Software journey can take. We work with our Channel Partners to help them define and develop market opportunities. As part of our Channel Partner journey we also deliver training so that you have the skills and capabilities to sell effectively. As with all journeys, there are always going to be new places to go, by working with our partners we can help to ensure that your journey can achieve your goals and ours.

The Product

      Our products are designed and developed to meet the needs of our Channel Partners. This includes white-labeling and price positioning to enable our Channel Partners to tailor solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

The Services

      Our Services are designed and developed to meet the needs of our Clients, Our Channel Partners. This includes All IT Services and price positioning to enable our Channel Partners to tailor solutions to meet the IT needs of their customers.

The People

      Our people are there to work with you and support your business goals. The team is made up of Senior Managers, Partner Managers and Internal Partner Managers who are supported by a range of departments. Each Channel Partner is allocated an individual, named Partner Manager who is supported by an Internal Partner Manager.

The Support

      To be the provider of choice for your customers, service is a key differentiator in the Channel Partner market. GetMe Software has developed industry-leading service levels so Channel Partners can be confident that the service they offer will meet the requirements of their customers.

The Revenue Sharing

      GetMe Software has offering Revenue Sharing to our partner, So partners can get the benefited from this.