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GetMe Software is offering Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

        Drive business performance, measure financial effectiveness, and make better business decisions that deliver immediate top line and bottom line results.
        Successful organizations today need the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to help them drive their key business processes, make smarter and faster decisions, and ensure they make the most of their assets and resources. Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides these capabilities in organizations as small as a few employees starting a new venture to organizations spread across the world—for companies with just one server full of information, to operations tied in with the home office enterprise ERP standard.

        Our mission is simple: to provide the best ERP solution that fits the needs of your organization and helps you deliver superior results. We do this in the following ways:

  Through a solution that’s familiar to your people
A study by AMR Research1 shows that 46 percent of the employees in an organization that could be accessing ERP software are not. The reason? It’s too hard to use. By delivering ERP solutions in the familiar Microsoft environment you spend less time training on the system, reduce administration and maintenance by the IT staff, and get people accessing information faster to make better business decisions.

  By fitting in with your existing IT systems
You’ve already made big bets and investments on products like Microsoft Windows and Windows Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, and even Microsoft SharePoint. Then why not use an ERP solution that inherently integrates with these technologies? You get a smaller, more standardized IT footprint; you cut down on maintenance and administration, and your users get a product they already know how to use.

  By meeting the needs of your organization today and tomorrow
Whether your growth plans are in the near term or down the road as the economy improves, we have an ERP solution that fits your industry, company size, and budget; and that helps minimize the complexities that go with adopting new technology. No other ERP vendor has the breadth or depth of functionality for companies of all shapes and sizes that Microsoft Dynamics ERP does today.

  With solutions backed by the Microsoft name
With the power of the Microsoft research and development organization, and thousands of developers, partners, and support staff dedicated to your application, you can feel confident in investing in Microsoft technology.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics ERP?
        Tens of thousands of customers of all sizes from countries around the world employ Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to help run their key business operations. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP you’re able to accomplish these mission critical tasks across the organization:

  Connect your entire supply chain in a productive, fast-moving flow to improve customer satisfaction, help streamline manufacturing and reduce the cost of doing business.

  Make complete, current financial information and reports available to anybody who needs that information to perform business planning and realize regulatory compliance.

  Simplify and automate routine and repetitious functions so that your employees can focus on more critical tasks. Fulfill the potential and increase the loyalty of your workforce while minimizing the cost and complexity of administering salaries, benefits, recruiting, and performance management.

  Accomplish project goals and achieve outstanding results within budget, on time, and with excellent resource efficiency.

  Look deeper into key performance factors—and pinpoint your most profitable customers, most efficient vendors, and potential issues within your organization that require swift action.

  Meet the unique needs of your industry with specialized functionality tailored to your vertical industry business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP delivers the following capabilities across our entire portfolio of applications. Click on the section below to learn more about what we provide to help you make the most of your ERP solution:

Financial management
Human resource management
Project management
Supply chain management
Executive management
IT management
Business intelligence
Financial planning and budgeting