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CRM Solutions

Innovative Technology, Proven Results

        Today’s businesses face unprecedented customer relationship management challenges that require forward-looking CRM solutions. Service channels and product offerings have proliferated. Customers have been empowered by the internet, which enables them to broadcast grievances to a wide audience and to easily locate and purchase competing products and services. The competitive landscape shifts rapidly, while regulation grows ever more dense.         The recognized leader in business process management and CRM solutions, can help you not only to meet these challenges, but to turn them to your advantage. Our innovative customer relationship management software enables you to take a smarter, more agile approach to managing customer relationships. Far more than other customer relationship management systems on the market, CRM software lets business users drive business change, while minimizing requirements on IT staff. The result is dynamic, responsive, and flexible CRM solutions that are delivering striking results at leading companies in the financial services, insurance, health care, and telecommunication sectors, among others.

New Business Generation
The old adage that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” applies with a vengeance with customer acquisition and on-boarding. Fragmented procedures and long waits frustrate potential customers and result in high rates of abandonment. CRM solutions for new business generation automate and streamline processes across the enterprise from the point of sale through to the back office, ensuring a consistent high quality experience for customers and freeing sale representatives to focus on selling and providing superior service.

  A 50% increase in completed applications.
  A 65% faster time-to-close rate.
  A 70% faster time-to-activation rate.
Service Request Handling
        Too often, companies’ support functions are fragmented into operational silos, with little or no cross-functional coordination. Manual processing is typically a big part of the picture as well, with all its potential for inconsistency and error. CRM solutions for service request handling capture requests from any channel or source, organize and prioritize requests, and wherever possible automate issue resolution with minimal manual intervention.

  An 85% reduction in duplicate processing costs.
  A 39% increase in straight-through processing.
  A 20% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.