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IT Infrastructure Solution

Manage Your Infrastructure Cost Effectively
        Infrastructure management, including technology deployment, is a huge drain on IT resources. According to Gartner Group, an average of 78% of an IT budget is spent just managing existing systems and software infrastructures. Unfortunately, IT is often resource-constrained and barely able to manage their current environments, much less focus on their company's core competencies.

        IT needs help making the right purchasing decisions for both immediate needs and long-term goals. They also need solutions that adapt to their specific infrastructure and business needs, provide scalability, and include specialized skills sets and knowledge.

        Collective is your trusted partner to help you efficiently and cost effectively plan, build, secure, manage, and optimize your IT infrastructure. Our enterprise-class solutions and services have been tested and refined through hundreds of successful engagements with both large and mid-size businesses:

Infrastructure Solutions — Turn-key solutions to manage key components of your infrastructure such as Mail and Messaging. These comprehensive solutions include everything from guidance on purchasing best-of-breed technology to best practices and proven methodologies for solution design, implementation and management.

Infrastructure Consulting Services — Customized infrastructure service offerings to manage infrastructure technologies, such as mail and messaging, back-up and recovery, SAN & NAS storage, archiving and data management. These services are delivered through each of our infrastructure practices: Directory, Messaging and Collaboration; Business Continuance; High Performance Computing and Open Systems; Infrastructure Management; Storage Optimization; Document Management; Storage and Server Virtualization, Migration and Consolidation; Networking and Security; SQL Database.

The Benefits

Reduced operational risks : Based on proven technology, standardized methodologies, and field-tested best practices.

Greater efficiencies : With formalized methodologies backed by knowledge and experience gained from extensive engagements.

Enterprise-class experience and expertise : With a direct link to industry-leading vendors as well as the proper expertise and skill sets required for successful deployment.

Turn-Key Solutions to Manage Your Mail and Messaging Technologies
        Email and messaging have become mission-critical for today’s businesses. Complex projects across multiple teams, the rising number of branch offices and an increasingly mobile workforce all require a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective way for end users to communicate and collaborate anytime and anywhere.

        Exactly how important is email and messaging? A recent survey by research firm Dynamic Markets found that 68 percent of users become upset after 30 minutes without email access. Another recent survey from the Meta Group found that a majority of organizations find email more important than phone.

        In fact, email and messaging systems are used by almost every employee on an ongoing basis throughout the day. Email and messaging have also become important repositories of business information, often serving as a substitute for a file system or document-management system. When these communications systems go down, business slows to a crawl — and then stops.

Your “Bullet-Proof” Solution

        Companies of all sizes need a “bullet-proof” communications infrastructure. That’s why Collective provides turnkey Mail and Messaging Solutions based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2012, the industry’s leading communications platform. Our solutions enable organizations to cost effectively upgrade their current mail and messaging infrastructure with minimal disruptions to the business. These solutions also ensure that an organization’s mail and messaging infrastructure is optimized to fully support unique business, operational and organizational requirements.

More specifically, we can:

Help companies carry out business anytime, anywhere with GetMe’s Mobile Workforce Solution for Microsoft Exchange.

Help companies proactively manage email growth with GetMe’s Mailbox Booster Solution for Microsoft Exchange. This allows companies to keep their system up and running, even with the number of mailboxes growing rapidly and new users coming online every day and mitigate risks associated with the legal discovery process.

Best-of-Breed Technology

        Exchange Server 2012 is the latest version of Microsoft's industry-leading communications server, providing a range of powerful new features and enhancements to ensure reliability, manageability, and security. Exchange Server 2012 helps IT to deliver the service levels and capabilities demanded by helping end users while organizations to reduce their TCO through areas such as server and site consolidation. Exchange Server 2012 supports mobile devices and enables users to easily synchronize their Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts and Tasks lists so they can remotely check their appointments and other important information.

Flexible Collaboration

The Exchange Server collaboration features help users to share information quickly and efficiently. Typical collaborative scenarios include:

  Maintaining shared address lists that everyone can view and edit.
  Scheduling meetings by viewing schedules for attendees and available conference rooms.
  Allowing users to grant other people, such as administrators, access to their mailboxes.
  Managing rules for processing messages on Exchange Server, giving users the flexibility to create auto-responses and automatic filing of incoming messages.

The Benefits With GetMe and Microsoft

A GetMe Mail and Messaging Solution delivers critical benefits at two levels. With Collective services, you’ll benefit from

  Our deep expertise with Microsoft implementations as a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft National Systems Integrator.

  Our turn-key solutions addressing the full range of your communications needs, including Mobile Workforce Support and Mailbox Booster.

  The efficiencies of using a single vendor responsible for all project details.

  Smooth, cost-effective deployments based on formalized methodologies and Best Practices gained from extensive engagements.

  Collective Intellect, Experience and Service that goes into every project we undertake.

With GetMe and Exchange Server, you’ll receive

  Expanded, enterprise wide communication with mobile, remote, and desktop e-mail access.

  Enhanced user collaboration with a flexible yet highly integrated e-mail solution.

  Increased mobility with built-in mobile features to help drive greater worker productivity by facilitating mobile and remote computing scenarios.

  High reliability with multi-node cluster support, mailbox recovery, and Outlook synchronization performance.

  State-of-the-art security and privacy based on features such as restricted distribution lists, virus scans, user authentications, and baseline security analysis.

Find a solution that’s right for you:

Single Site
o Base Solution
o Performance Solution
o High Availability Solution

Multiple Site
o Base Solution
o Performance Solution
o High Availability Solution