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Sharepoint Solutions

        Sharepoint Servers are an integral part of any large organization. The flexibility in its usage and a large pool of available solutions around it make SPS a wonder tool. We enable our customers to establish a common platform using Sharepoint (MOSS or WSS) for their corporate intranet, vendor and customer extranets. Our highly skilled development team is quick to analyze all business processes for your portal and design and implement Sharepoint customized web parts to adapt to your work flow needs, and help in optimizing the way people, processes and content interact within various departments and levels in your organization.

        We enable our customers to establish a common platform using Sharepoint (MOSS or WSS) for their corporate intranet, vendor and customer extranets, custom webparts to adapt to your workflow needs, integration to systems like sales force, CRM, Document systems to act as dashboard for various departments and levels in an organization.

        Sharepoint technologies - the meaning lies in what you use it for be it Content Management System, Document Management System, Workflow system, Portal Framework or Office document automation systems. You can look at it in any perspective you need and it would start to look promising. Sharepoint technology is going to create a new sensation in the way applications are built and used.

        Chimeras' experience in Sharepoint goes back to it its earlier versions when we started building web parts the hard way. Today our solutions revolve around integrating Sharepoint to existing systems, Sharepoint as a data store and custom Sharepoint programming.

Branding and Sharepoint customization solutions

        Branding is the first activity that needs to be done once Sharepoint is installed. We provide Sharepoint customization from the user interface perspective which includes the selection of the project template, site topology, security privileges, active directory integration, out of the box Sharepoint tools customization, custom list and libraries, implementing default workflows, integration to existing data sources. Project management automation, Order tracking workflows, customized document libraries with organization specific workflows, deployment of Sharepoint for multiple departments, migration of existing information to Sharepoint constitute some of our activities in the solution space of Sharepoint customization.

Sharepoint Programming

        Developing web parts, fetching data to and from external data sources, integration of existing document management systems with two way synchronization, custom ASP.Net web portals with Sharepoint at the data layer and the admin interface, custom event handling and workflows are some of our programming areas of Sharepoint that we offer our services in. Our team has experience in working with Sharepoint object models, web part interfaces, Sharepoint queries and custom data loaders to Sharepoint.

Solutions using Sharepoint as a backbone

        Many implementations include an ASP.Net web application as a front end with Sharepoint acting as the data layer. Existing expertise in Microsoft .Net and the flexibility of the .Net framework could be leveraged while simultaneously Sharepoint would act as an admin interface. Many of our solutions involves similar architecture, where the maintenance team is more familiar with the .Net application rather than to learn Sharepoint Portal programming.