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Technology Outsourcing

        GetMe Software has been providing global delivery of IT services. We offer full life cycle application development and maintenance, testing and quality assurance (QA), business intelligence solutions, systems integration and analytics. We use a multi-mode, “best fit” approach (staff augmentation, project-based, GetMe Software -based, fixed price, or SLA-driven). We have more than 130 projects and initiatives completed or under way and have over 2.5 million offshore staff hours utilized.

GetMe Software provides integrated global ITO services to support our client’s business performance. Our services will:
  Provide deeply skilled and experienced staff
  Reduce cost
  Shorten cycle times
  Increase flexibility
  Improve quality
  Ensure stability, security, data privacy and accountability
  Provide the “best quality at reduced costs”
  Information Technology Outsourcing

Beyond Technology Outsourcing
        We support clients in creating value that goes beyond the traditional benefits of outsourcing. While PRI is focused on helping clients prioritize on outsourcing, we assist clients during transition and post-transition.

Implementing Outsourcing
        During implementation of outsourced processes, we have a team assigned to transition management. This teams works closely with the client to develop a transition roadmap that not only ensures stable outsourced services, but also unlocks potential improvement in delivery of the processes that differentiates our clients from their competitors. Our transition roadmap also ensure that the processes “in-house” are appropriately aligned to add value in the outsourced process, or focused on bringing incremental value to business.

Ongoing Operations
        We assign specific people to monitor your business and ensure your business objectives and goals are met. You will always have a contact that is responsible for helping you run your business operations. We know that business environments are dynamic and these contacts will help ensure that changes are made immediately and on the fly with no impact to your business or your customers.

        Our teams also constantly monitor your SLAs and then analyze changes in demand for services at client and industry level. Our Process Improvement and Transformational Analytics team is able to provide insights to our clients, and help trigger a thought process to improve the quality of services, and in some cases offer re-engineer the process or offer new solutions altogether. We are your strategic business partners!